What have I gotten myself into?

Like I mentioned in the last post I decided I would start by looking into speech recognition algorithms. After an initial search for some sources, I’ve realized that this topic is pretty darn advanced. I’m not going to let that stop me. I will enumerate here the sources that I am considering.

For speech recognition I found a book, a scholarly article, and two sets of course notes.

I was also able to find a couple of scholarly articles related to something that might be closer to my topic than speech.

Skimming over some of these I found that one of the most common techniques for speech recognition was to use Hidden Markov Models. Since I have no knowledge of HMM I asked some of the professors in the CS department at UNCA and Dr. Kenneth Bogert recommended me a good source.

These all seem like a good place to start. I think specifically I will begin by looking into the HMM algorithms to at least be able to grasp what the other sources are talking about. Soon I will begin creating annotated bibliographies for each of these sources and will like have a new page on this site dedicated to that.

I’ve got a lot of reading ahead of me.