A Change of Topic

Over my Spring vacation I did a lot of reflecting. I began to believe that the topic of my research, creating a multiplayer game network protocol over UDP, was not all that research worthy. It is something I certainly want to create, largely for the challenge it presents, but there’s just nothing novel about it. It is a type of game networking that has been done many times over. After all, my project was essentially just going to be an implementation of the Source networking protocol;¬†I wasn’t going to be discovering¬†anything new on the subject. Worse still, there is a significant shortage of scholarly articles on the subject. I suspect this is partly due to these custom protocols being trade secrets. This poses a bit of a problem considering I need to have scholarly articles for at least some of my sources.

The solution is a change of topic. With a little inspiration from a friend I was able to land on something that is much more worthy of research. That is, music training software. More specifically, it would be for teaching someone to beatbox since that is something I am passionate about. Essentially, the software would play you examples of a certain sound or rhythm and would listen to you reproduce it while judging how accurate you are. As far as I know the closest thing to this is the game Rocksmith which listens to you playing a real guitar in order to train you. Since that Rocksmith’s technology is likely proprietary I’ll have to rely on other sources. The next best thing I know of would be speech recognition. That is where I intend to begin this research.

Check out the official working abstract here.

Look for more updates to come soon.

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